(Vid) Behind the Numbers: New media & its impact on fandom

Celebrating the Fan Experience Part 3: Sabermetrics, Social Media & the Impact on Fandom

Hosts:  Wayne Parillo and Rob Shaw

Behind the Numbers is a series of conversations and discussions with baseball, blog, sabermetric, and fantasy experts.

Guest:Dave Cameron, co-founder ussmariner.com, and writer for fangraphs.com and espn.com Insider. Follow him at d_a_cameron

Dave Cameron covers topics from super 2 status, sabermetrics hitting the main stream, and how new media such as social media and twitter changes the way he is Mariner’s fan. Plus some good old fashioned stories and thoughts on Jose Bautista, the Cardinals, and Charlie Blackmon.

Watch the entire episode, or use the links below to jump to the exact point you want.

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