October 2011

MLB Division Series Game 5 Scouting Reports

The first Division Series game five kicks off on Thursday night:

Detroit at Yankees- Ivan Nova vs Doug Fister

-          Even though he is far from a strikeout pitcher, Nova has to get ahead in the count: 1-1 count is vital, .172 average with no home runs on 1-2 count, compared to a .413 average with 2 HR on 2-1.

-          Derek Jeter- since July 4, batting .331

-          Doug Fister does not give up walks (ranks 6th in MLB with 1.5 BB/9) or home runs (ranks 5th with 0.47 HR/9)

-          Love the catcher situation for Tigers, Avila has the highest OPS .896 of all catchers, and Victor Martinez bats .340 as a DH compared to .284 as a catcher.


Now onto Friday night:

Arizona at Milwaukee- Ian Kennedy vs Yovani Gallardo

-          Kennedy is best when the heat is on .140 average, just one home run with runners in scoring position.

-          Ryan Roberts 11 home runs came in innings 1-3, just 1 in innings 7-9

-          Corey Hart bats .370 when ahead in the count compared to .214 when behind

-          Gallardo: April to August .246 average against on off-speed pitches // September: .158 average against

St. Louis at Philadelphia- Chris Carpenter vs Roy Halladay

-          Pujols- keep the pitches outside .262 average, .360 slugging on outside pitches this season

-          Carpenter should keep them in the game, he has a 2.39 ERA this season in games with 0-2 run support, compared to 5.70 when he gets 6+ runs.

-          Raul Ibanez is a .274 hitter with 15 home runs at home compared to .210 with 5 home runs on the road

-          Halladay can be beat on the first pitch- .331 average against 13 extra base hits



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