As the Trade Deadline Looms: Taking a Look at Pitchers

Heath Bell, RP, Padres

One of the elite closers in baseball who made a heck of an entrance in the All-Star game, Bell is competing on a team that is out of contention and looking to shed salary.  If you have Bell on your fantasy team, you may want to trade him, because the odds are he’ll be offering middle relief to a contender by season’s end. 

 Erik Bedard, SP, Mariners

The often injured hurler is dealing with some knee pain right now, but when he’s be on the hill, Bedard has been extremely effective.  You can’t chalk it all up to the Safeco confines either, as his ERA is just 2.16 on the road.  The hard-throwing southpaw is just 32 years old, which may make the Yankees eager enough to take a flyer. 

 Ubaldo Jimenez, SP, Rockies

We’ve heard his name on the rumor mill, but I doubt that he will actually be moved.  Jimenez is just 4-8 , but his 4.14 ERA and 1.30 WHIP aren’t all that bad when you consider where he pitches.  The Yankees would probably offer the farm for him, which may get the Rockies listening, but it will be very tough to move the ace of a team that is still in competition. 

 Jeremy Guthrie, SP, Orioles

Despite a 3-12 record, Guthrie has actually pitched well this season with a 4.18 ERA.  Guthrie has played his entire career with the O’s, and his record is 41-60, but at times he has looked like a second or third starter, and will offer a franchise quality innings.  A former first round pick, Guthrie is now 31 years old, so he’s not exactly a long-term investment. 

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