(Audio) Behind the Numbers w Jeff Passan

By Bloomberg Sports //*

Listen now! – (loads in new browser – 14.6 megs)

Behind the Numbers
Hosts: Rob Shaw and Wayne Parillo
Guest: Jeff Passan
About the Guest:
Yahoo Sports national writer, co-author of Death to the BCS.
Enjoy the podcast and make sure to follow him on twitter

Total Running Time: 15:26

What’s Inside?

  • Who is Jeff? (0:35 – 1:16)
  • Talking ALCS (1:25 – 3:51)
  • The Umpires as the Story (3:58 – 8:04)
  • Kung Fu Panda and Him Not Playing (8:05 – 10:50)
  • Prince Fielder’s Body Type: He’s Not Fat He’s… (10:44 – 11:40)
  • The New Book – Death to the BCS(11:53 – 12:40)
  • Can College Sports Be Cleaned Up?
    (12:41 – 13:50)

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