(Video) Bloomberg Sports Ballpark Figures Stock Report

By Bloomberg Sports // Ballpark Figures: Stock Report— Bloomberg Television’s Michele Steele and Bloomberg Fantasy Sports Analyst Rob Shaw discuss the Bulls and the Bears in the world of Fantasy Baseball. Shaw tells us that even though Manny Ramirez is making headlines as he is likely to end up on waivers, he is a player to avoid thanks to his lack of power since the 50-game suspension last season. Next, Shaw is buying on the power potential of Wilson Betemit, but selling on his Royals teammate Yuniesky Betancourt, who struggles to get on base. Shaw finishes off with positive words for Indians prospect Michael Brantley, as well as former Indians outfielder Austin Kearns, who is riding a hot streak since joining the Bronx Bombers. For more fantasy insight visit us at twitter.com/bloombergsports as well as @MicheleSteele and @RobShawSports.

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