FanGraphs NYC MegaBaseball Event Aug 7 – Why You Should Go

By Jonah Keri //

On August 7, FanGraphs, one of our favorite baseball analysis sites, will be teaming up with the great New York Yankees blog River Avenue Blues for a huge event in New York City. Bloomberg Sports is excited to announce that we’ll be well represented as well.

The event starts with a panel on New York baseball, led by Ben Kabak, Joe Pawlikowski and Mike Axisa from River Avenue Blues, three guys smart enough and entertaining enough to make that morning commute from Brooklyn, after a late Friday night, well worth your while.

Yours truly will lead a panel featuring some of the brightest minds in baseball beat writing, newspaper coverage, and around the Web. The panel includes: Will Leitch from New York Magazine, David Biderman from the Wall Street Journal, Matthew Cerrone from the popular MetsBlog, Red Sox writer Alex Speier from, and fellow Red Sox writer Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald. The topics will be far-ranging, and the different backgrounds of the panelists should lend themselves to some lively debate.

Dave Cameron of FanGraphs will then lead a discussion of baseball analytics and where the future of baseball will take us. On the panel: Mitchel Lichtman, co-author of The Book: Playing the Percentages in Baseball and a contributor to several leading baseball sites, Sky Kalkman, former big shot at Beyond The Boxscore and current big shot on Twitter and other places, FanGraphs founder David Appelman, and ESPN TV and radio broadcaster Boog Sciambi, a knowledgeable student of baseball analysis who seamlessly blends that knowledge into his broadcasts.

Also, Bloomberg Sports contributors Ben Lindbergh and Craig Glaser will give a short presentation on Bloomberg’s suite of Consumer and Pro tools which may or may not include a laser light show.

Tickets to this baseballgasm are $15 (plus service charge) and can be purchased here. There are rumors of post-event shenanigans with other attendees and some panelists and moderators as well.

Hope to see you there!

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