(Video) Ballpark Figures: Man vs. Machine – Outfielders

By Bloomberg Sports://

Man vs. Machine: Episode 4 — In a special from Bloomberg Sports’ Ballpark Figures, Mets legend Keith Hernandez sits down with Bloomberg Television’s Michele Steele and Bloomberg Sports Analyst Rob Shaw, to discuss the Fantasy Bulls and Bears for the second half of the season. In the fourth episode, the focus is on outfielders.

Today’s Position: Outfielders


The Machine (Bloomberg Sports) says:

B.J. Upton is of the rare five-tool breed. Despite the raw talent, he is enduring a brutal season with a .230 average and .395 slugging percentage. Upton seems to be making a habit out of this low output, as last season he managed a .241 average with a .373 slugging percentage.

Even with his current struggles and meager production, Upton remains valuable in fantasy leagues thanks to his speed, with 25 swipes thus far. He also appears to be on the rebound lately, with a modest five-game hit streak that includes two extra-base hits.

The Man (Keith Hernandez) says:

I like Jason Bay of the New York Mets and not because I’m partial because I do broadcast for the Mets. I have seen this guy play the whole first half and he has not been able to do anything. His average is OK, but he has not been productive, he has not hit many home runs. This is a guy who hits 30 home runs. I know that Citi Field is a big park, but he is not going to have 12 home runs. I think he’s going to have a strong second half for the Mets.


The Machine (Bloomberg Sports) says:

Vernon Wells may have gotten off to a hot start, but he is bound to regress to so-so production in the second half of the season. In fact, the fall from grace has already started as Wells has had his average slip each month from .337 in April to .278 in May, to .240 in June, and currently a disastrous .094 in July.

At 31 years old, and riddled by injuries in recent years, Wells appears to be a case of diminishing returns. His last all-around solid season came in 2006 when he posted 32 home runs, 106 RBI, and a .303 average with 17 steals.

Despite the 19 home runs in the first half of the season, Wells’ recent decline leaves him with just four steals and a .265 average. Wells has also been known to struggle in the second half of the season. He entered the 2010 campaign with 112 career home runs prior to the All-Star break compared to just 80 after the mid-summer classic.

The Man (Keith Hernandez) says:

Corey Hart has had a phenomenal, off-the0charts first half. He’s been a power hitter before, but not like this. I can’t see him duplicating this over the second half, particularly for a team such as the Brewers that is going to fade in the second half.

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