(Audio) BTN with ESPN.COM’s Nate Ravitz

By Bloomberg Sports //

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Behind the Numbers
Hosts: Wayne Parillo and Rob Shaw
Guest: Nate Ravitz of ESPN.COM

Total Running Time: 32:23

High Level Look

  • Nate’s life before and being Deputy Editor for ESPN (0:00 – 4:35)
  • The business reason for no fantasy pro wrestling (4:36 – 7:15)
  • A postion-by-position breakout players for the second half (7:16 – 32:32)

Some other highlights

  • Matt Wieters and development problems for the Orioles players? (8:02 – 10:20)
  • Prince Fielder and all about the Brewers (10:23 – 12:00)

The position-by-position breakdown and highlights

  • Catchers (7:30 – 10:00) Matt Wieters & other stars
  • First base (10:20 – 12:00) Is Fielder on the move?
  • Second Base (12:13 – 15:22) What to do with Brian Roberts
  • Short Stop (15:30 – 17:14) Beyond Hanley and is Elvis Andrus a top 5 shortstop?
  • Third Base (17:15 – 20:08) Is Kung Fu Panda done and what to do with Chipper Jones
  • Outfielders (20:09 – 23:46) Why buy Alex Rios? Plus Torii Hunter, and Delmon Young, and Corey Patterson
  • Closers (23:51 – 27:30) The lack of closer turnover and all about Capps, Bell, and Dotel
  • Starters (27:34 – 31:25) Why Jiminez might not be a top five pitcher the rest of the season, and selling high on young pitchers and why you shouldn’t be concerned about the Reds.

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